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Space model stuff
2024-05-28 15:50:37
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The aerospace model is an aerospace model that uses the lift generated by aerodynamics to overcome gravity, but is propelled by a model rocket engine. It is equipped with a recovery device that can safely return it to the ground for re-flight. It consists of non-metallic components.

The 4th Youth Aerospace Model Competition was held in Anyang Sports School of Henan Province. The number of participants and the size of the team have reached the highest level in previous competitions.

In this contest, there are 17 items, such as "paper aircraft clearance time", "remote control helicopter mission flight", "Lingyun handthrow model clearance time" and "water rocket shooting". In the two-day contest, more than 1300 young athletes from 14 provincial municipalities and 127 school teams in Henan Province participated.

According to reports, Henan Youth Aerospace Model Competition is one of the most influential and participating Youth Science and technology sports popularization activities in Henan Province, and also one of the five major events of the 10th Anyang Aerospace Sports Culture Tourism Festival. Since 2015, Anyang has held four consecutive Youth Aerospace Model Competitions in Henan Province.

The head of the Anyang municipal Party committee said that the event is aimed at implementing the Henan provincial Party committee's integration into the "one belt and one road" construction, speeding up the core growth pole of the Central Plains Economic Zone, and comprehensively promoting the requirements for the development strategy of Zhengzhou airport comprehensive economic experimentation area. Understanding aerospace knowledge, enlightening interest and imagination, cultivating their practical and mental abilities, promoting the comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physique and beauty of young people, and contributing to the success of a well-off society in an all-round way and making the Central Plains more splendid.

The event is co-sponsored by the Aviation Radio Model Sports Management Center of the State Administration of Sports, China Aviation Sports Association, Henan Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, Henan Education Department, Henan Sports Bureau and other relevant departments, such as the Anyang Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, Anyang Sports Bureau and Anyang Aeronautical Sports Development and Construction Office.

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