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701 batch customized warship models
2024-06-23 23:08:14
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Ships, commonly known as warships, also known as naval ships, refer to naval vessels equipped with weapons and capable of carrying out combat tasks at sea, and are the main equipment of the navy. Ships are regarded as part of the territory of a country and only abide by its own laws and recognized international law. Ships are mainly used for mobile operations at sea, strategic nuclear raids, protection of their own or destruction of enemy's maritime traffic lines, blockade or anti-blockade, landing or anti-landing operations, as well as marine supply, transportation, repair, life-saving, medical, reconnaissance, investigation, survey, engineering and test support services, mainly including combat ships and auxiliary combat ships. The battle ship that directly carries out the battle task is called the battle ship, and the battle ship that carries out the auxiliary battle task is the auxiliary battle ship.

Static warship model has a long history. There are many descriptions about simulation warship model in ancient Chinese history books. According to the textual research of historians, more than seven thousand years ago, there were ship models in China. In the 16th century B.C., the inscription on bones and tortoise shells in Shang Dynasty had the word "boat". The sailboats built by Yin people had been fished and hunted in rivers, lakes and seas. The manufacture of ship models should also develop with the development of shipbuilding and navigation. Although there is no historical record, bamboo and wood products are difficult to survive, unless special circumstances, physical objects are rare. However, some of the beautiful ship models made by skilled craftsmen of past dynasties are also used as funerary objects to understand the Yellow earth. Therefore, in the archaeological excavation, we can see some perfectly preserved ship models, which are precious cultural relics for the study of ancient shipbuilding and model making technology.  These models not only have high research value, but also are very precious exquisite works of art.

Wuhan 701 batch customized warship models,

Personnel involved in the production of ship models. We should master the basic knowledge and basic skills of process management, computer CAD drawing, process processing, mechanical power, electrical and electronic, material application, coating and bonding, sculpture, text expression, cost accounting, etc. This is often achieved through the quality structure and combination of the personnel of the model fleet (studio). Chinese style

Machine: It has special equipment and equipment for making ship model. This is an important means to solve the difficulty of production and to ensure the level of work technology. From a certain point of view, exquisite and delicate works are the expression of the ability of craftsmanship and tools.

Material: Material for making ship model. Modern ship model material selection is very wide, can not stick to one pattern, give full play to creativity. But the four principles of material selection are still: low cost, easy processing, high quality, strong texture simulation. So far, wood is still the basic material for ship model making. For example, in order to maximize speed, the light plane wood is often used to make hull structure; the self-propelled ship model often chooses Korean pine or Ginkgo biloba with better bending and processing performance in order to reflect the hull surface appearance; and the simulation model of the ancient sailing boat in the Atlantic Ocean is often used to improve the collection value and fully display the ancient art and culture of Europe and the United States. Stable, homogeneous and fine-grained precious wood is used to make hulls and decorative sculptures, in pursuit of the quality and collectibility of the works. Chinese style

Ring: Environment for making model ships. The reasonable and ingenious layout of ship model workshops or ship model workbenches directly affects the effect of ship model making. Generally speaking, they should be local, personal and personal.

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