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Model plane


In view 3, a model plane in horizontal state is placed in the middle of three perpendicular planes, and the longitudinal axis of the fuselage is perpendicular to one plane and parallel to the other two planes. If we look at the model airplane from three directions and draw the shape on each plane, that is, projecting the model airplane on three perpendicular planes, then unfolding the three perpendicular planes, we can get the three top view, side view and front view shown on the right.  In general, the shape and main dimensions of a model aircraft can be accurately represented by these three views.


According to the different control forms of model aircraft, the classification of model aircraft can be divided into three categories: free flight, line control and remote control. There are many kinds of static aircraft model materials, including metal, plastic, resin, FRP and so on. According to the proportion, they are also divided into more than 10 cm, more than 20 cm, more than 30 cm, more than 40 cm, up to more than one meter model. The famous models in China are J-10 aircraft model, J-15 carrier aircraft model, J-20 aircraft model, J-11/J-11B aircraft model and so on. There are many dynamic aircraft models. The main production materials are EPP foam, EPO foam, KT plate material and so on. Dynamic aircraft model can fly, mainly for remote control aircraft model, which is controlled by human through the remote control of flight direction and speed. Flight power is usually powered by batteries or gasoline.

The main materials of aircraft model include resin, plastics, alloys and new composite materials. The specifications range from 40 to 30 centimeters. The proportion of various types is complete. 1:1 Aircraft Model Development Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of aircraft model. The aircraft models manufactured are: A320, A380, C919, 737, 787, flight crew teaching and training simulation cabin and installation. Aviation simulation cabin, fighter model, helicopter model, fighter 10, fighter 20 model, Apache model, air alarm 200 early warning aircraft, Yun 8, glider, broadcasting 787, Airbus A320 and other aircraft props are produced according to different customer requirements and samples. The products are sold to many domestic and foreign airlines, aircraft manufacturers, science and technology exhibition halls, domestic and foreign gift suppliers, foreign trade companies, etc. Over the years, it has won unanimous praise.


Most aircraft consist of five main components: wing, fuselage, tail, landing gear, and power plant. Ordinary people generally know about aircraft from online pictures, or through exhibitions, aeromodelling exhibitions, theme pavilions, playgrounds and other places. The most contact with the real machine is when flying. Shanghai Linli Industrial Equipment, 1:1 Fighter 10 Model, Fighter 15 Flight

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