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Case Study of Metal Model Making
2024-06-23 23:15:53
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There are many processing methods in manufacturing process.


In the manufacture of Shanghai metal models with complex and irregular surfaces, if the quantity is large and the requirements can be interchanged accurately, the method of gypsum model can be used. It can only be made by "complex model". That is, plaster slurry is poured into a solid model to get a mould which is completely in line with the practical model, and then the Shanghai metal model is cast in the gypsum model. Here is an example of making a plough iron mold to illustrate the engineering process of making gypsum mold.

2. Shanghai Machining Metal Model

According to the appearance of the mechanical model, a three-dimensional data model is made, and the parts are designed according to the structure. This method is suitable for the mechanical model with small quantity and high precision. Because this manufacturing method is expensive, it is generally not used.

3. Mould Processing Method

According to the structure of the mechanical model, the mould of Shanghai metal model is designed and manufactured. The Shanghai metal model is produced by die casting machine. This manufacturing method is suitable for batch manufacturing, with low cost and fast speed.

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