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Vehicle Model Maintenance Knowledge
2024-06-23 23:31:06
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I. Preservation and Placement

Hold in suspension: Place it in a place where children are not easy to touch, so that children will not accidentally drop the car model. It is not only the damage of the car model, but also the possibility of harming children.

No high temperature irradiation: Do not expose to sunlight or high light for a long time. It is easy to cause aging, deformation and wrinkle of paint wheels and plastic parts. Rubber tires are easy to oxidize and produce thermal dissolution.

Avoid wet environment: If zinc alloy car model is kept in a wet place for a long time, the alloy of car body will be easy to oxidize, blackening, paint foaming and other phenomena, so try to keep the environment dry.

Tire suspension placement: The weight of models produced by different automobile model manufacturers is different. For heavy and long-term vehicle models, it is better to use plexiglass or small wood blocks to raise the wheel pad, so as to avoid the tires becoming "eight-legged" or sticking to the base.

Leave the box: This not only affects the model's viewing, but also directly affects the value of the car model collection and the price of resale.

2. Appreciation and play

Don't use too much force: High simulation automobile models are assembled with many parts, some parts are very small, so we must do anti-fall, anti-shock, anti-pressure, careful when we start, don't use too much force. Damage to spare parts

Professional door opener: If you can't find a professional door opener at the moment, you can use a postcard or a plastic sheet with a certain hardness instead. Because long-term use of both hands to open the door of the car can cause great damage to the body paint, and may even pull the door.

III. Maintenance and Maintenance

Dust removal: regular use of soft brush dust, hair dryer and other tools to wipe the dust on the surface of the vehicle model.

Paint waxing: Alloy car models are usually placed in two to three months after the need to use wax or Brilliant beads to scrub the car surface rust-proof. But it should be noted that each waxing should be thin, uniform and less. When wax is too much, it is easy to insert into the gap of the model.

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