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Models, find us the most reliable
2024-05-28 15:03:09
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In childhood, every boy may have several simple car toys, which are pushed and played on the ground. As we get older and older, we have a deeper understanding of the car model and a higher requirement for the model. Body proportions, paint and interior details have also become our primary concern when collecting models. Collecting car models, like collecting stamps and cultural games, is a reflection of automobile culture and will bring endless pleasure to collectors. In 1914, Ford Motor Company of the United States produced the first batch of models in the world to compete with GM. Since then, the development of the model industry has been irremediable. Many model brands have appeared in Britain, France and other European countries. Today Xiaobian will bring you several popular car model manufacturers.

Everyone knows this brand. BBR is a legendary brand of global automotive model. Its products are full of passion and motivation of supercar, and also have the unique delicacy and ingenuity of automotive model products. The birth of B.B.R brand comes from the initiator team of the brand: the abbreviations of Balestrini, Barberis and Reali. It can be said that this manufacturer is really the leader in the field of car model collection. Whether it's body paint or fine interior workmanship, Xiaobian feels that it's all about narrowing down a real sports car in front of him.

Of course, it's still the same sentence, and the price of such a fine model will certainly not be low. BBR is mainly based on the production of world-renowned sports car brand prototype, the proportion of which is 1:18, 1:24 and 1:43. Ferrari series is especially favored by this manufacturer. Here we recommend a Ferrari model produced by BBR.

On the side of the body, the size of the CS55 is 4.5 meters and the wheelbase is 2.65 meters. Although the space is not as good as CS75, it is still possible to deal with daily household use, because I have experienced the second row seat space of CS35. That is, the reserve box is a little smaller. The space performance of CS55 should be between 75 and 35!

AUTOART can be transliterated as either Ottoa or Otto, which is not Peto. This is a large-scale model simulation company, which is a joint venture between Germany and Hong Kong, China. Don't think of Suzuki's Little Otto.

All jokes. Okay, back to the point, although the company was founded in 1998, much later than Big Brother BBR, but after 20 years of rapid development, Otto has developed into a model covering more than 45 car brands, size more than 9 super-large companies. Now, Otto is also a steady leader in the mid-high-end model manufacturers. Otto has its corresponding works in the common automobile brands on the market. Otto is also good at body painting and interior fineness. The following 1:18 McLaren P1 GTR can be said to be the favorite collection of Xiaobian.

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