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Acceptance criteria for industrial models
2024-06-23 21:44:37
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After the completion of the industrial model production, it is necessary to check and accept the model to ensure that it meets the marketing strategy and appearance requirements of the display company, such as the error and unexpected situation in the completion of the industrial model production to facilitate timely change. In order to avoid the need for detailed modification after the completion of the industrial model production, after the preliminary production, it is necessary to invite the person in charge of the exhibition company to check and accept the industrial model and design drawings to ensure that they are correct. It is necessary to provide the acceptance process for the acceptance personnel for acceptance. The following chapters will talk about the acceptance criteria of the industrial model.

I. Simulation and Precision

1. Industrial models are made in accordance with the industrial equipment for reduction or enlargement, so it is necessary to confirm the appearance size of the model after the production, whether it meets the requirements of the design drawings.

2. In order to avoid the size difference between the drawings and the design drawings, it is the first process for the two companies to confirm the industrial model on site.

Two, structure

1. The theme of industrial model display is also inconsistent. Some company models show the appearance of industrial products, some show the internal structure of industrial products, and some show the working principle of their products.

2. During acceptance, attention should be paid to the theme of the industrial model, and the internal structure and external problems should be confirmed.

3. Lighting effect

1. Lighting effects can not be used everywhere in industrial models. Some industrial models that need dynamic demonstration need to set up lights in order to achieve the effect of industrial products in operation.

2. Here, we need to confirm the light source emitted by our own products in operation, whether it conforms to the real industrial product running light scene.

IV. Dirt Treatment

1. After making the industrial model, the model will leave some dirty stains, which will affect the display effect of the industrial model. In acceptance, attention should be paid to whether there are dirty spots around the industrial model, and if so, the model company should be required to deal with them.


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