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《The Antarctic Love》crew customized two 1:1 aircraft models
2024-05-28 16:30:08
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Shanghai Linli Industrial Development Co Ltd.

Shanghai Linli Model Making 1:1 Double Otter Aircraft Model for Crash Lens

The 1:1 cabin made by the model commune was shot inside the model.

After 28 days, the crew moved to China to shoot. They built a shed in the outskirts of Beijing. On a hot 42-degree day, they filmed 42 emotional scenes on big nights. The model commune was mainly responsible for making a cabin model of the crash (including the internal structure) and a 1:1 double otter model shell. These two models were also the most important props of the film, which directly promoted the development of the story.

In-flight view


Wu Youyin, director of Antarctic Love, was connected with a train model in Zhang Zuolin Museum. Wu was immediately attracted to see the bombed train model made by our company because of his work. After many inquiries, he came to our company. After talking about his movie, he said that he needed to make two sets of plane models. The model should restore the crash of the plane, and many in China. Well-known model companies are not satisfied after contacting, because domestic model manufacturers have only made unspoiled simulation aircraft models, to achieve the shape of twisted explosive impact is not sure. The detailed scheme has been confirmed as one.

The First Antarctic Actual Adventure Love Film "Love in Antarctica"

"Adventure + Love" theme film "Love in Antarctica" starring young actors Zhao Youting and Yang Zishan from both sides of the Taiwan Strait has been screened on the mainland cinema line since February 2.

。 The film tells a series of stories about the hero and heroine who fled Antarctica after an accidental flight accident.

Months later.

Communication with computer special effects personnel in the late stage of the film and actual shooting need our company to design three-dimensional effect map, green area for green screen shooting, do not need to produce, the production part is dark red part.

Dual otter aircraft model production site, all-metal keel

In order to more truly reflect the simulation degree of the model, the fuselage is made in the form of partition frame - Truss Beam - long truss, which is also made by using the structure of the real aircraft, and the simulation degree is very high.

The welded connection is adopted between the partition frame, the truss beam and the long truss. Gas shielded arc welding is used for welding operation. After finishing, the welding surface and welding joint are polished, and then anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment are carried out twice.

Full-aluminium sheet skin on fuselage surface: After forming the framework, high-quality aluminium sheet is selected to start surface skin work. Full-aluminium weld is used to weld the joints of aluminium sheet, and then the welding joints are smoothed to prevent corrosion and rust. For the welded parts, a small amount of resin moulding operation is carried out. After the resin is completely solidified, it is grinded and the surface defects are treated. Spray the first primer. Refer to the real machine surface mouth cover, skin gap to make decorative seams, refer to the real machine rivet layout, drill holes in the corresponding position, tap into self-tapping nails to achieve the simulation of the machine surface skin. After the above process is completed, spray a second epoxy primer.

The dashboard is manufactured by engineering plastic car matching the design, and the surface is painted. For complex elbows, casting - Steel blasting surface treatment - machining process is adopted.

The button adopts the real electric button and is arranged in proportion to the real machine.

After 3 months, Shanghai Model Commune successfully completed the production of Antarctic Love model. Its professionalism was highly praised by the staff at home and abroad. After one year's later production, the modified film was finally released. Looking back at the two months that Shanghai Model Commune Antarctic Love model production team and film production team spent together overnight, they also experienced 40 degrees of high temperature test. During the hard days of overtime shooting in torrential rain all night, all the difficulties finally bear fruit. The score of turning over the mobile phone's bean paste has reached 7 points. This score is already a good film in the uneven domestic movies. 30 movie tickets have been booked to support it. After watching the movie, the model Commune will have a holiday. Let's meet next year.

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