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Aviation Model Making
2024-03-04 21:54:55
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Most of the friends who are interested in fighter planes will collect and collect some aircraft models in their spare time. There will be a lot of considerations about the selection of aircraft models, what material to make, stability and function.

The aircraft model we made, for example, the model of the J-15 aircraft, we generally recommend making iron and stainless steel without considering the weight.

Designers draw CAD drawings, general drawings, line drawings, without interior, a 1:1 model drawings of aircraft, can be completed in 7 days.

Making fuselage

Making nose

Making engine room

Making Jets

Making wings


1. Fuselage

Make the keel of the aircraft, using channel steel, square tube as the skeleton, more solid. According to the data, the laser cutting machine or plasma cutting machine is used to cut out each fittings, then welding and splicing.

2, nose

The cockpit and the nose of the aircraft are also made of iron, stainless steel and fiberglass, and the small parts are made of lighter texture.

3, engine room

Strictly according to the drawing design, we have customers to see the museum or large air show, see the real aircraft model cabin interior requires us to do the same as the real one. I want to say how much the real machine costs, how much the model costs. If we really need a high degree of simulation, we can buy second-hand real aircraft cockpit. How many of you say that the interior of this fighter aircraft where you go, we can not see.

4, wings

Once we made a 1:1 fighter model, in order to consider the installation site inconvenience, we put the whole aircraft.

On December 24, 2015, a new batch of J-15 carrier-based fighter planes carried out warship-to-aircraft fusion training in a sea area of the Bohai Sea, Liaoning Navy ship. Pilots completed several training courses such as re-flight of touching ships, blocking ships and so on.

J-15 is very similar to Russian-made Su-33 in appearance, but J-15 integrates J-11B technology. On the basis of J-11, two new high-thrust engines with duck wings were added to realize wing folding. New lifting devices, landing devices and arresting hooks were designed.

The airplane model we made is based on the real model, three-dimensional design and drawing, generally made of metal paste, then covered with iron, steel plate.

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